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    City sports app is an application provided by City Sports Club, where members can check-in to the club using the mobile membership card option, find clubs and classes, and create quick access to your favorite clubs, classes, and instructors. It will also allow you to book personal training sessions, reserve racquetball courts, and review your check-in history.


    Slider elimination

    Removing the slideshow from the landing screen and redesign of the overall look


    Space optimization with new bottom menu, and optimization of the hamburger menu


    Personalized welcome screen and use of swipe electronic membership card

    • Seems like there is not a real analysis of the display priority of the information the users want


    • For some members having the membership electronic card handy is the most important feature of the app


    • “About” and “My Account” buttons do not need to be on the landing screen


    • Find a gym option could be limited to just 10 to 15 miles around.



    Crunch Fitness

    As a member, you’ll be able to track your gym check-ins and manually record all of your workouts, set goals, connect your workout tracking devices.


    Orange Theory

    Orange Theory is a gym based on couched workout classes, so the app main function is to display and book the different classes schedules.


    24H Go Fitness

    Extensive Gym app with lots of features such as: workouts schedules, classes, fit planes, local gyms, workouts goals, nutrition tips etc.

    TARGET AUDIENCE                                            


    Men and women from the ages of 24 – 54, that live  10 – 15 minutes away from a club location and are looking to maintain or potentially become fit.”


    • According to the Google Play and App store reviews, users are not very please with the app
    • The overall look and feel of the app needs improvement
    • The majority of the members use this app as an electronic id card only
    • The calendar synchronization and lack of app calendar itself seems to be a common issue.

    Hannah Nichols

    • 36 Years Old
    • Married 2 Children
    • College Graduate
    • Sunnyvale, CA
    • Registered Nurse
    “...As a part time nurse, full time mom, and wife, I look for things that makes my life easier... I need a gym app that syncs with my life style so that I can optimiza my workouts ”


    Hannah is a nurse who works part-time and full-time mom/wife. Here weekends are full with kids activities.

    Though she doesn’t have a lot of free time, she tries to balance  work, family and staying in shape.

    She enjoys Spin and Zumba classes. She makes it to the gym two to three times a week.

    Pains and Wants

    • No easy way of finding classes in other nearby locations
    • She wishes she can book the gym childcare and register to her classes thru the app.

    Carlos Garcia

    • 35 Years Old
    • Married
    • College Graduate
    • Sacramento, CA
    • Registered Nurse
    “...As a new homeowner with no experience in gardening, I want to be able to plant fruit trees in my own backyard.”


    Carlos works as R.N. for Sutter Health and is a new home owner. He wants to plant few fruit trees in his backyard, but he has no previous experience with gardening.


    Pains and Wants

    Carlos loves his smart home devices and wishes for a smart device that can help him with his gardening.


    George Wright

    • 35 Years Old
    • Single
    • Business Administrator
    • Carmichael, CA
    • Health Administrator
    “...I‘ve been using arbol app since I decided to plant few fruit trees in my backyard. I need all the help I can get to keep them alive”


    George was going through some health issues and decided to change his lifestyle in order to improve his health.  He also wanted to introduce healthy living to his family.


    Pains and Wants

    Between work and family, George has a very busy life. He doesn’t have a lot of time to take care of his fruit trees.  

    Hannah’s Story

    It’s Friday morning and Hannah is having breakfast with her kids, when she receives a notification on her phone that her 9:00 am zumba class on Sunday has been cancelled.

    On Saturday as she is buying groceries , she opens her City Sports club app to look for a similar class at other nearby gyms.

    She finds a class at the Mountain View City Sports club at 9:15 am. She books the class.

    Later, one her way home, she books child- care for her children in that location.

    PERSONA 1 | TASK 1
    TASK: Book 9:00 am Zumba class at City Sports Gym; Mountain View location
    OUTCOME: Taps Book class at City Sports Gym; 9 am Mtn View location

    Melanie Roberts
    35 y/o
    Sales Rep
    Roseville, CA