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    The COVID pandemic has led to a huge resurgence of individuals interested in gardening. During this difficult time, gardening is helping people to stay physically and mentally healthy as well as providing a welcome release from the stresses related to this crisis.

    The Arbol app is designed for new plant enthusiasts who want to grow organic fruit trees in their own backyard.  Arbol will provide information about basic tree care such as planting, trimming, fertilizing, and harvesting.  

    Users of Arbol have the option of using the app by itself as well as integrating the Arbol Stick, an IOT device that provides additional information about tree and soil health.


    According to the National Gardening Association, the average gardener in the U.S. is female. She is over 45 years old and there is a 79% chance that she has a college degree or at least some college education. She spends an average of five hours a week working in her 600 square foot food garden. Each year she spends about $70 on her hobby and harvests $600 worth of food.



    • Men and Women
      35 – 55 years old
    • Some College
    • Lives in Sacramento CA
    • Lives in a house with backyard

    • Learn how to grow fruit trees in their own backyard. (Apple, Apricots, Cherries, Citrus, Peaches and Plums)
    • Find basic information about fruit tree care that can be planted in your own backyard




    The Arbol app is designed for men and women between the ages of 25 to 55 years old, who have backyards and live in the Sacramento area. These individuals want to gather basic information about the following trees: Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Citrus, Peach and Plum.

    Arbol is a data visualization app with IOT integration that will provide organized and easily accessible information such as planting season, watering, trimming, fertilizing and harvesting.

    The Arbol app is different from the other gardening apps as it’s the only app that offers an integrated IOT device specifically for the 6 main trees preferred in the Sacramento area.


    Melanie’s Roberts

    • 35 Years Old
    • Married
    • College Graduate
    • Roseville, CA
    • Sales Rep
    “...As a new homeowner with no experience in gardening, I want to be able to plant fruit trees in my own backyard”


    Melanie is a sales rep for a high tech company and she just bought a house in Roseville, CA.  She wants to learn more about home gardening.  

    Pains and Wants

    Her lack of experience in gardening is getting on the way of her plans to grow fruit trees in her backyard. 


    Carlos Garcia

    • 35 Years Old
    • Married
    • College Graduate
    • Sacramento, CA
    • Registered Nurse
    “...As a new homeowner with no experience in gardening, I want to be able to plant fruit trees in my own backyard.”


    Carlos works as R.N. for Sutter Health and is a new home owner. He wants to plant few fruit trees in his backyard, but he has no previous experience with gardening.


    Pains and Wants

    Carlos loves his smart home devices and wishes for a smart device that can help him with his gardening.


    George Wright

    • 35 Years Old
    • Single
    • Business Administrator
    • Carmichael, CA
    • Health Administrator
    “...I‘ve been using arbol app since I decided to plant few fruit trees in my backyard. I need all the help I can get to keep them alive”


    George was going through some health issues and decided to change his lifestyle in order to improve his health.  He also wanted to introduce healthy living to his family.


    Pains and Wants

    Between work and family, George has a very busy life. He doesn’t have a lot of time to take care of his fruit trees.  

    Melanie’s Story

    Is Saturday evening. Melanie is watering the grass in her backyard and she realizes she may have enough space to plant some fruit trees there.
    Once she finishes watering, she drives to the local Home Depot to buy an apple tree.

    She comes home with a tree but sits in the backyard, frustrated by her lack of knowledge in gardening. So she picks up her phone and searches for an app that can help her to accomplish this task.

    She downloads and opens the Arbol app. After registering, she follows the step-by-step checklist on how to plant an apple tree in her backyard.

    PERSONA 1 | TASK 1
    TASK: Complete step by step plant an apple tree assistant
    OUTCOME: Arrive to congratulations screen

    Melanie Roberts
    35 y/o
    Sales Rep
    Roseville, CA

    Carlos Story

    Carlos is excited about his new cherry tree but given his lack of gardening experience, doesn’t know what to do next in order to keep his tree alive.
    That’s why he went and ordered the new Arbol stick. The Arbol stick will send notifications to his mobile device about the health of his tree and soil conditions.

    Carlos opens the box and reads the instructions on how to set up the device. The first step is to open the app and pair the device, so he can start using it with his new cherry tree.

    PERSONA 2 | TASK 2
    TASK: Set up an Arbol Stick device
    OUTCOME: Arrive to congratulations screen

    Carlos Garcia
    35 y/o
    Registered Nurse
    Sacramento, CA

    George’s Story

    It’s Friday evening and George receives a notification on his phone that his Arbol stick is detecting low nitrogen levels in the soil of his apricot tree.
    He opens the Arbol app and learns what low levels of nitrogen in the soil means for tree growth and health. He also learns how to resolve the issue.

    With those recommendations, George make plans to go to the local gardening shop to buy the recommended nutrients for his beloved apricot tree.

    PERSONA 3 | TASK 3
    TASK: Review a notification from the Arbol stick regarding the health of his apricot tree
    OUTCOME:Arrive to the tree health Nitrogen deficiency of the soil screen

    George Wright
    35 y/o
    Health Aministrator
    Carmichael, CA

    Task 1

    Task 2

    Task 3